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Posted by Domae Homes - April, 24, 2013


Closer to freshness

When Rick and Colleen Denoni purchased their home at The Summit Residences, they'd already fallen in love with the neighbourhood. They didn't realize, however, how much closer to everything fresh they would be—from farm fresh gouda cheese and local fruits and vegetables, to great outdoor activities and simply breathing in pure, fresh air. We want to share some of the tastes and experiences Rick and Colleen enjoy, now that they've moved to their new home in gorgeous Promontory Heights.

Freshness you can taste and see

While Chilliwack is renowned for its juicy, sweet summer corn, at this time of year it's also home to a collection of other natural foods such as organic grains and flour, herbs, early crops of tomatoes and peppers, as well as dairy-fresh cheeses and eggs. It's never too early in the year to stop at a dairy for a Sunday ice cream, and on the way you're likely to find a roadside stand selling fresh-picked daffodils and tulips.

Freshness doesn't stop at the food

Winding through Chilliwack are paths and bike lanes that let you enjoy the fresh air, spring blossoms, and views of the surrounding mountains which make up the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range.

Numerous hiking trails, both easy and challenging, are accessible year round, but the trails become especially popular during the spring when wild flowers and alpine meadows are beginning to bloom. The 15.5 km Rotary Vedder River Trail is open for walks, runs, bike or horseback rides year round, and ambles alongside the mountain-fed Vedder River. Benches and picnic tables are scattered here and there to let you take in the peaceful river sounds while you enjoy your packed lunch or light snack.

A stop along the trail is the Blue Heron Nature Reserve. You can learn about these magnificent birds up close at the information centre. Download an informative Vedder Rotary Trail guided tour to your phone or device at

The Mount Thom Summit Trail winds alongside The Summit Residences, and at this time of year you can stroll along and watch eagles build their nests. There are approximately 34 km of trails throughout Chilliwack, and numerous wilderness trails to hidden, jewel-like lakes that take a full day to experience. To learn more about the mountain hiking available, visit

The Summit Residences bring you closer

Rick and Colleen found so much more when they found their home—they found the lifestyle they never knew there were looking for. If you're interested in urban-outdoor living, subscribe to this blog as we explore the hidden treasures that make Chilliwack unique.

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