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Posted by Domae Homes - June 11, 2013


Closer to fun

Chilliwack is nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range, which means it's surrounded by lakes, forest, as well as fertile farmlands. This combination gives you endless access to the fun, outdoor lifestyle that living in Chilliwack offers. We want to share some of the sights and experiences that you'll enjoy when you move to your new home in gorgeous Promontory Heights.

Fun that washes over you

Living at The Summit Residences means you're within reach of a classic summer destination and all the activities that go with it. Right on your doorstep is the hiking trail up the amazing Mt. Thom. The trailhead is off Sylvan Drive, and is easy to spot. The trail is well maintained for all seasons, and the combination of switchbacks, climbs, and short slopes will immerse you in nature and provide a good workout. You'll be rewarded at the Lookout with an incredible view of the gorgeous Fraser Valley and Cultus Lake. Visit Mt. Thom

And speaking of Cultus Lake, it is only a few extra steps away from your doorstep, with a limitless choice of water activities you can enjoy. From young-at-heart waterslides, kayaking or jet-skiing, to the simple pleasure of swimming, you'll be able to cool off when the temperatures entice you outside. You can horseback ride or hike through the numerous trails that surround the lake, and finish the day off with an evening glass of wine at a Columbia Valley winery south of Cultus Lake. It's a lifestyle unique to Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley.

Fun on the links

Chilliwack is one of the few communities where you can drive for only a few minutes in any direction and find a different golf course to play at every day of the week. From a traditional, links-style course, to gorgeous par 3 courses that provide spectacular viewing during eagle watching season, or a breath-taking mountainside course with a 750-foot elevation and waterfall, you won't be disappointed by the golfing you'll find in Chilliwack—there's even a putting-only course near Cultus Lake.

Fun you can taste

Nothing is more abundant than local farm fresh vegetables, fruits and berries. Chilliwack is world renowned for its sweet corn, but with summer approaching, you won't lack for any succulent offering your imagination wants to place on your table. The Chilliwack Farmer's Market, opening June 22 in front of Minter Country Gardens offers an array of crisp carrots and cukes, juicy peppers and beans, and a host of colourful and ripe strawberries, melons and berries. Chilliwack is close enough to the Okanagan that you'll have the best selection of sun-ripened peaches, cherries and apricots all summer long. Enjoying homemade tarts and danish in your well-appointed kitchen will be a delight you never knew you were missing.

The Summit Residences bring you closer

You'll find so much more than you expected when you find your home at The Summit Residences—you'll find the lifestyle you never knew you were looking for. If you're interested in urban-outdoor living, subscribe to this blog as we explore the hidden treasures that make Chilliwack unique.

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