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Posted by Domae Homes - September 10, 2013


Closer to the arts

Chilliwack isn't just surrounded by natural beauty—there's a cultural and artistic beauty that lives here year-round. From opera to dance, from water colours to photography, you'll have an opportunity to immerse yourself in as rich a culture as any metropolitan area.

Art that moves

Living at The Summit Residences means you're not far away from live performance art. You can thrill to stirring and innovative productions such as "Eugene Onegin," "The Nose," and Puccini's "Tosca" at the Galaxy Cinemas. These world performances are transmitted in high-definition to the comfortable surroundings at our local theatre. Or you can take in a live production of the Chilliwack Player's Guild, or a musical feast served by the Chilliwack Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. You'll want to mark your calendar for the upcoming Christmas performances before they sell out. Check out the wide range of offerings at and at

Chilliwack Arts Council Chilliwack Symphony

Art that inspires

Admiring the beauty of visual artists is also right on your doorstep. Chilliwack is a thriving community of artists of various media, including sculpture, glass, painting, print making, wood turning, textiles, pottery and more. You can view their work at the Chilliwack Art Gallery within the new Chilliwack Cultural Centre.

French novelist Emile Zola said "I am an artist…I am here to live out loud." If that spirit rings true with you, you'll find many outlets that help you learn or improve your own artistic nature. Whether your medium is pottery, drawing, painting, photography, or other unique crafting to satisfy the creative soul, there is likely a class or group of like-minded individuals ready to welcome you into their group.

Art is culture

Part of Chilliwack's culture is its down-home roots. At Chilliwack Heritage Park you'll have the chance to experience events of personal interest, such as national dog shows, hobby shows, and horse riding and reining shows. You can also view history up close with a visit to the nearby Atchelitz Threshermen's Museum, or the Chilliwack Museum in town.

The Summit Residences bring you closer

You'll find so much more than you expected when you choose your home at The Summit Residences—you'll find the lifestyle you never knew you were looking for. If you're interested in urban-outdoor living, come and explore the hidden treasures that make Chilliwack unique

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